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As the world has gone digital, so have we. From websites and apps to complex back-end data systems, our team works with you to create smart and engaging online solutions














This is the part where we think first. We work with you to draw up a road map and help you determine the best route from where you are to where you want to be. With open and transparent communication, we work closely with you to create a strategic plan that aligns with your vision. This involves a comprehensive analysis of your current position. By thoroughly assessing your resources, capabilities, and market conditions, we gain a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities you face in advertising.  Our collaborative approach ensures that your voice is heard throughout the process. We actively engage with you, seeking your input and insights to ensure that the strategic plan reflects your values, aspirations, and unique circumstances. By involving you in the decision-making process, we aim to create a sense of ownership and commitment to the plan.

BluePrint Advertising Agency Omaha, Nebraska Omaha, Nebraska BluePrint Advertising Agency


  • Phone Tracking: Call tracking allows you to determine the digital advertisements, keywords, and webpages that have the greatest impact on generating phone calls for your business. Additionally, it provides insights into the number of these phone calls that result in high-quality leads and conversions.

  • Review Management: Advertise across the two most popular Social Media platforms Facebook and Instagram. Geographically target by radius, zip code. Ads placed in News Feed, Facebook Video, Instagram Stories, Marketplace and Right rail.

  • Lead Generation: Contact forms are included in your ad: When people click on your lead ad, they'll be prompted to fill out a short form to send you their contact info. This contact form is set up to include: name, email and phone number.

  • Over the Top Advertising (OTT): OTT is video content such as TV shows, movies, sports & live TV that can be viewed using an internet-enabled streaming device, without requiring a cable or satellite subscription.

  • Retargeting:  Retargeting, or remarketing, is a powerful advertising technique that targets individuals who have shown interest in your brand or website. By using digital ads, we can increase the likelihood of them making a purchase. These ads have proven to be highly effective in boosting conversions, and we can help you make the most of their potential.

  • Media Planning: Media planning is a strategic approach we use to ascertain the optimal means of conveying a message to a target audience. This entails a comprehensive analysis of your audiences, channels, platforms, messaging, and advertisements in order to identify the most impactful advertising techniques for promoting a specific brand or product.

  • Campaign Reporting/Analysis:  Our campaign reports provide a comprehensive overview of the essential actions we undertake to market your product or service within a designated period. These reports also evaluate the efficacy of these endeavors, considering factors such as the cost-effectiveness in relation to the time and monetary returns obtained from sales.

  • Pay Per Click:  Google ads at the top of the page of search results. Bing and Yahoo clicks ads also included. Geographically targeted using keyword searches terms determined by your business category. Leads tracked through Google Analytics but can utilize conversion landing page for stricter tracking. 

  • Email Management:  Our wide-ranging effort, involving several stages including: planning, executing, tracking, and analyzing/optimizing a campaign.

  • Campaign OptimizationWe will set up you company email and mx records using your domain name. YOu can Add/remove users at any time a complete setup and monitoring


  • Effectively create brand awareness,  to attract more customers and build a loyal customer base. 

  • Track ROI and strategizes ways to constantly increase your return. 

  • Create an effective media plan that will result in a set of advertising opportunities that target a specific audience and fit in with your organization's marketing budget.

  • Boost engagement across socials between you on your customer base. We do this by creating  engaging content that prompts followers to comment, share, and like posts. 

  • Track ROI and watch analytics to measure our efforts’ impact .

  • Streamline procedures across all marketing campaigns


  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Youtube
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