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  • What are the advantages of having an advertising agency?
    1. Agencies have more in-house Expertise 2. The time-value savings an agency provides more than offsets their fees 3. An advertising agency is more objective when choosing marketing techniques 4. An advertising agency can negotiate lower media rates 5. Advertising agencies have more relationships at media outlets 6. Agencies are not under pressure to sell you a specific kind of media 7. agencies only succeed if you succeed 8. advertising agencies are often the same price as going direct 9. Agencies are the buffer between the business owner and all the media sales reps 10. Advertising agencies can provide trusted counsel to the business owner 11. Media outlets and stations are Hunters; advertising agencies have more farmers 12. The agency works for the client, the media sales reps work for their station, not the client.
  • What make an effective advertising campaign?
    The main factors involved in a successful campaign are....... - Research - Strategy - Message - Consistency
  • When is the best time to advertise
    Many businesses think the best time to advertise is when they are slow. That way they can pick up more business. This is actually wrong. The best time to advertise is when you are busiest. You should allocate dollars by the same percentages of sales. So if your business is seasonal, you should advertise more in the busy months and less in the slow months.
  • Why BluePrint Advertising Agency?
    Omaha-based BluePrint Advertising Agency individualizes each and every campaign and does a full evaluation of the client, their business, and their goals. What may work for one client may be different for another. We treat every business as our own and come up with solutions that have proven results. We also outsource many jobs to companies accross the entire world. This gives you more options at better prices.
  • Why should YOU hire an ad agency?
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